Military Aircraft

Enabling Operational Readiness

By focussing on the solutions to challenges posed by corrosion, erosion and fuel leakages we reduce downtime and improve the availability of aircraft for the mission

Durable paints and coatings for extreme operating conditions

Corrosion protection treatments for critical parts and difficult to access areas

Advanced light weight Sealants to arrest Chronic fuel leakages

Defence Equipment

Supporting Defence Equipment Induction

Growing demands of National Security Rely/Depends on continuous upgrade and induction of Technologically Advanced Defence Systems.

Uptime and minimal maintenance cost are the Key for Full exploitation of the system.

Backed by long Experience & Strength of our Management team we have emerged as a reputed company for Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance services for Radars, MBT and Artillery Guns.

Manufacturing support and QA services to realise Make in India.


Meeting the Combat Challenges

Mobility, reliable and accurate gun-laying system and safety- we understand are the key demands of the user.

Intelligent engine power management, improved cooling system, all electric gun laying, fire detection and suppression systems and mitigating the impact of mine explosion are our areas of expertise.

Gas Turbine

Performance Enhancement and Cost Reduction

Performance and service life of GT components degrade over time due to corrosion, erosion, pitting, fouling and high-temperature oxidation having impact on operational cost.

Reclamation of components of Industrial GTs saving cost

Judicial selection and application of a range of coatings

Our Company

Matcon is managed by highly qualified professionals, having rich experience in manufacture and MRO in aerospace & defence industries. We offer comprehensive solutions to meet the challeging needs.

Our Vision

A dependable company with knowledge and resource base recognised nationally and globally.

Our Mission

Technical Innovation

Service Excellence

Cost Effective Solutions