It is a two pack, air drying, intumescent coating for application on air craft/turbine components and other products made from GRP, Composites, Aluminium, Titanium, polyurethane foam or other substrates to protect them from effects of fire.

Fire Proof / Fire Resistant intument paint is manufactured by our associates M/s Indestructible Paint, UK

Clients include : Short Brothers ; Lucas; Pratt & Whitney; Westland HAL, NAL etc

The coating thickness can be as little as 1/10th of alternative coatings. Designed to be a more resistant and adhesive coat after being burned to resist air movement over the intumescent coating. Can be applied either by brushing or spraying.

The coating has been subjected to fire test and results confirm compliance with FAR requirements relating to fire proof/fire resistant testing of aircraft components.

Based on satisfactory test results, the coating has been approved for application on Engine Cowlings of SARAS aircraft.